3M Technology

We use ONLY premium quality 3M and Avery vinyl. The vinyl is 2 mls thick and comes with a seven year warranty against fading, cracking, and peeling. The lettering and graphic designs are cad cut on a large plotter. After plotting, the excess vinyl is stripped away and a light tack masking tape is applied which enables you the ability to lift the lettering off the waxed backing paper to apply it yourself, thereby saving you the expense of paying professional installation fees.

Your text and/or graphic come prespaced. There is no 'background' vinyl, or vinyl in between the lettering and graphic. It is ready for installation.

All graphic designs are then saved in our computer database.

In addition, we can create multi-color designs including four-color logos and fades through the use of the Gerber Edge, top-of-the-line technology created especially for printing "all-weather" graphics.


Installation is so easy we guarantee it. If you prefer not to do it yourself, however, we will gladly arrange installation for you.

Easy step-by-step instructions are included with every order and we even throw in a squeegee to make your task easier.

Simply remove the waxed backing paper from the lettering, float graphics into place using soapy water (don't worry, we tell you how to mix it), squeegee the lettering to the surface, let dry, and after removing the light-tack tape, your pre-spaced letters are successfully transferred to the boat.


We are proud that all our custom work is inspected twice prior to leaving our premises. However, in the unlikely event that an item is damaged upon arrival, we will gladly replace it at no cost to you. Please call us within 48 hours of delivery so we can replace or repair any damaged goods that you may have received.

Due to the nature of customized products, there is a no refund policy on custom orders.

Secure Site Information

You can safely enter your credit card number and personal information on our website.

This information is secured using industry standard e-commerce security technology such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology via our secure server.

We use this SSL technology to prevent such information from being intercepted and read as it is transmitted over the Internet. The encrypted data goes to a secure site where your information is stored on restricted-access computers.

In addition, under federal law, a credit card issuer cannot make you liable for charges in excess of $50.00 that result from the unauthorized use of your credit card. There are similar federal laws that relate to debit cards.

If you are nevertheless concerned about this, we invite you to call us to provide us with your credit card information. Thanks.

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